Brewing up a Storm

The coffeeholic is branching out to other beverages.  I have developed a recent obsession with looseleaf teas. I don’t know if it is the part of me that secretly wishes I lived in a Jane Austen novel or the part of me that just loves delicious beverages in general. My lovely boyfriend, the wonderful Casey, got me the Teatanic infuser I begged for.  I think that we can all agree the proper tools key to any successful venture. 

Though I am newly versed in the world of tea I have my lovely friend Lena, the writer of Collegiate Motherhood (click here for her awesomeness), as my guide. So between her, the internet, and a few calls to the ever knowledgable grandma I should be able to navigate the world of fruit and leaves. 

Though I will forever be a coffeeholic. Otherwise I would have to change my blog name, let all 4 people know I changed my blog name and all that is just way too much work.


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