5 Reasons Scheduling Classes is Harder Than Finals

Why college scheduling is more stressful than finals.

1. Everyone takes the final at the same time. 

Scheduling at Ball State, however, is done online and opened up in waves. So you get to watch a carefully constructed life plan get systematically dismantled as everyone who gets to schedule before you scoops up all open seats.

2. There is a test for everyone who needs one.

There is not a seat for everyone who needs one.  Why only open one section for 20 people when hundreds need the course? What decides who gets that seat is who is quickest to it with the earliest time ticket.

3. Rarely are there many unknowns in a final exam.

When deciding on plans that affect your academic future for at least the next semester, unknowns are pretty common.  A small generic class description, date, and time. That’s all you get. 

4. There is not a hidden prerequisite to taking the final exam.

You don’t walk in to the exam period and they say “Oh actually we forgot to tell you but you had to moon walk in here, read three extra novels, and draw a picture of a cow.”  But when you go to register the carefully crafted brainchild that is a schedule there are 3 prerequisite courses that are no where in the course descriptions.

5… And altogether being a grown up is hard and college is hard and requires copious amounts of caffeine and sugar.



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