Readings of a Coffeeholic

Now that summer vacation has commenced I actually have some time to read for fun. I am not only a coffeeholic but I am a bookaholic. For the first time since high school, I have created my own summer reading list. This ever evolving reading list got a kickstart from a recent book bender at Barnes and Noble. $5 hardcovers? I think so!

Reviews will follow each book. Like it or not. Since I hate people who force spoilers on the rest of the world, I make a solemn vow, lit lover’s honor, not to force spoilers upon you fine folks. Though I feel I should insert a disclaimer here. I am making no promises that this list is in any particular order and I reserve the right to read and review them in any order.

1.  Ireland’s Pirate Queen (The True Story of Grace O’Malley)– Anne Chambers

2. Lionheart-Sharon Kay Penman

3. Pirate Latitudes– Michael Crichton

4. 4,000 Years of Uppity Women– Vicki Leon

5. Great American Short Stories– Introduction and notes by Jane Smiley

( This is actually a collection of short stories and by far the collection that has the most stories that I have yet to read. The reviews will come by story or in small groups of reviews.)

If you have other suggestions PLEASE let me know. There will be an ongoing list announcing my current read and reading list in the sidebar shortly.


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