Like a Girl

In a late night/ early morning Facebook scan I scrolled across this ad.  The brand Always (popular brand of feminine products) is starting a campaign focused on “like a girl.” I encourage you to click here to watch the short video in a new window.

I am guilty of using the phrase like a girl, especially to my younger brother when we were kids. The same way that my dad said to me when I stubbed my toe, my papa said when he was teaching my to pitch. They didn’t say it to be mean, or hateful. It was a joke telling me to be tough. The effect of using this negative connotation didn’t even cross my mind until a late night China Wok binge brought about deep conversations about life and society. My friend Lena mentioned she makes it a conscious decision not to say like a girl to her son.

This is my little brother. Six years younger. 5 Inches taller.

This is my little brother. Six years younger. 5 Inches taller.

The ad has a very real message. For those who think the phrase is harmless, look at how confident those little girls are. They have no reason to think that being a girl or doing things like a girl is lesser. We give that idea to kids. Even as strong women, when we say “quit acting like a girl”  we perpetuate the underlying theme that we are second-rate.  How is that fair to the daughters of this generation? We want them to be strong but tell them they aren’t quite as good.

Don’t stop saying like a girl. Say it like it really is.  I walk, talk, think, and shoot like a girl. For those of you who tweet, you can even tweet #likeagirl. Trend something that matters.


One thought on “Like a Girl

  1. Amber reynolds says:

    I ran across this video a few months ago and i thought the same things as you! I never thought of it as a negative saying until then. I def am more conscious of saying “like a girl” around hunter even though he is still too young to understand he will one day and I want him to grow up and respect women.

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