First Day of School! First Day of School!

In the words of Nemo (finding, not captain) FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! So after starting my day waking up before my alarm and drawing and inspirational Nemo note for my roommate, things had some highs and lows.

I realized that the first class of the day has 4, yes 4 textbooks just on its own. When she said “I know they are pricey. I can’t believe how much you all have to spend on text books! Especially when mine only cost $90 a semester.” she lost some of my respect. Considering she is the one who picks the books.

The class after that was great. I’ve known the professor since she woke my up in the Holden Center at 0130 after falling asleep on my laptop during an all-nighter.

Then lunch break and watched “Lake Placid” before my final class. By the way, how on earth is it ethical for professors to require textbooks that they wrote? Not only that, the only option to purchase this book is new and at full price. $124.00 if you were wondering. In my opinion it is terribly wrong and an abuse of power. I don’t force my students to read this blog. Granted I am not sure what benefit it would have as far as class content but that is not the point.

After a long day of adjustment to being a junior, I think I am going to find the challenges I was looking for and I am ready to go.


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