I don’t need your feminism.

As a citizen of this world I find it important to keep up with social, political, and global news. This does include reading other blogs. I was looking through the “freshly Pressed” section of WordPress and found one of the many articles relating to feminism and gender roles. Those of you who have been with me along the way know where I stand. For those of you who are new here is a brief crash course.

I am a soldier, student, daughter, girlfriend, and most of all I am proud to be a strong and secure woman. I do not support the “feminism” that limits people or points fingers at everyone else for putting women in the position of second class citizens. By downgrading women who choose to be stay at home mothers, wives, express femininity proudly, we are telling the world that we are second rate. They don’t have to make that decision, we made it for them. People that express derogatory opinions under the guise of feminism imply that it is ok to put THOSE people in a lower class. We women as a demographic are our own worst enemy in the respect that we have perpetuated a specific culture through media and stereotypes. Stereotypes that put the pretty, dumb girl on a pedestal. That is why when you walk through the young girls section of any store you will see graphic T-shirts that say things like “my favorite subject is boys,” “I so can’t even,” “work out to twerk out” yes that last one was at a JCPenny’s. The fashion industry produces these garments because people buy them. Let that sink in for a second. People. Buy. Them.

Bottom line is, it is not ok to bash other women for being comfortable in their own bodies. I wear dresses, high heels, and makeup because I want to. I am proud of the body I am in and I strive to carry myself and portray myself as confident and comfortable in my skin. No one is going to change that by telling me that I am antifeminist or less successful because of the way I dress. I fully believe that I am more successful, not because I wear “girly clothes” but because I am comfortable with who I am.

I am tired of Femnazi articles that put down women like me. Women who express themselves by being proud to be feminine. You are not feminists. You are THE cause for a “second class citizen” mentality. If you want everyone else to take you seriously as a woman, business person, human being, then for the love of all that is good in this world STOP. STOP defending women in a way that perpetuates such twisted perception.

Ok so that wasn’t so brief. Just remember, those votes for women were gained by a lot of brave women in dresses and stockings. Many of them went home to their husbands and children at night.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


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