She Doesn’t Even Go Here!

Actually she probably does go here. Though I am not entirely sure how. I was standing in an incredibly long line for food and using the pause in my day to be productive. While standing there wasting away in the longest line ever, waiting for them to get my order wrong, I couldn’t help but observe the communication happening around me. I immediately regretted this decision as it resulted in my brain being very angry and a little sad.
The girls next to me in line were in a deep conversation. Granted it was a creative one considering that some of the words were not actually words. Here is an excerpt for you:

Thing 1: “He is so unsensitive, she already knows.”

Thing 2: “Seriously! It is like he is being a total douche. You know what? I can’t even right now.”

I really didn’t make it much farther than the first exchange right there. Oh really? Can’t you? Did you supposably figure out the pacifics of the sitch over some pasghetti? The truth is escary, my friends.

Sweet grammar Batman. Get it together. The only thing I could think of to respond would be the following memes. Thankfully there is a sitcom quote for every situation.


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.11.22 PM


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