Why I Stopped Washing My Hair

I have wash every day greasy hair. I bought increasingly more expensive shampoo and conditioner to try and combat the excessive washing. When you use commercial detergents, as gentle as they say they are, they wash out necessary oils and dry out the strands of hair. Detergents also create a coating of different residues on each strand of hair. All of this lead to a vicious cycle of overwashing.

After a lot of reading and recipe hunting I finally ditched my expensive shampo habit. I tried the “hippy approach” and tried baking soda with an apple cider vinegar conditioner. I have never been happier and my hair has never been healthier. Here is my washing routine that has adjusted to every 3-5 days (depends on how much hairspray and product I use).

Baking Soda Wash: put 4-5 spoonfulls of baking soda in a 400 ML bottle. I used an old organix shampoo bottle I had lying around. Fill it up the rest of the way with hot water and shake until it is disolved.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Conditioner: Thie is even more simple. 1 part ACV to 2 parts water. I have this in an old Lovespell Victorias Secret bottle. It has a perfect amount for a wash or an in-between wash spritz. The spray cap is very handy.

How to Shower

1) wet your hair thoroughly with water.

2) put the baking soda wash directly on your scalp. Part your hair if you need to. Try to focus on the scalp more than the length of your hair. Though for my first wash I did my whole hair to cleanse the leftover detergents out.

3) let this sit for a minute or two then RINSE THOROUGHLY.

4) Spray the ACV directly on your scalp again. After I make sure my scalp is covered I pour it over the rest of my hair. Here is where you want to get all of your hair coated.

5) Rinse this all out. Some people say cool water is better, I can’t seem to give up my steamy shower so if it is, let me know. The smell goes away after you rinse it out.

Your hair will not feel “CLEAN” like you are used to. It will feel weird and hard to describe. Have a little faith. I suggest blow drying your hair the first time, simply because it is less scary than waiting to see your results. My hair has gotten progressively more shiney and soft since that first wash. You will have to wash every other day or third day for a week or so while your  head adjusts.

I don’t dye my hair so I do not know how this wash affects color treated hair. For my brown hair, the ACV  lightens my natural highlights (especially my one weird blonde section) and brings out the red in my hair as well.

I have been reading about hair masks to try once a month to help maintain healthier hair. I have been looking at a lot of recipes that do different things. I will follow up on that adventure. The idea of marinating my head in raw egg is kind of freaking me out.

Remember, on the days you don’t wash, it is ok to rinse with water and rub your scalp while you are in the shower. It helps extend between washings. Also brush from root to tip. This spreads out natural oils to protect your hair like it is supposed to.

Here are pictures after my first wash (scarf) and a month later (no scarf).  Yes I am wearing the same shirt. I like this shirt. Don’t judge. If you have any questions or decide to try it out, let me know!


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