The Follow up: I’m still not washing my hair 

I had some awesome feedback after my last post where I explained the No-poo shampoo method I have been using. Several people have told me they are loving the change since they have taken on the challenge themselves!

I have been doing the Baking soda/ ACV  for almost 4 months now and still love it. I have added to my hair care. I know I said I was going to do a hair mask and try it out. Sorry folks, I ended up going in a different direction. I had some people voice the concern that they work out a lot and are worried about washing their hair so often with the baking soda/ ACV. I think I have the solution. 

 There is a wonderful woman named Joy who owns Grandma’s Soaps and Stuff. She makes a homemade shampoo bar that does not have any of the harmful detergents or unpronounceable ingredients. It even has all of the awesome natural oils added to it for those who worry about their hair drying out. Even with my oily hair this has been a godsend when I need a quick wash. 

My typical schedule is:

  • Sunday: grandma’s
  • Monday: no wash
  • Tuesday: no wash/ grandmas
  • Wednesday: baking soda/ ACV 
  • Thursday: no wash
  • Friday no wash/ grandmas
  • Saturday no wash/ grandma’s

Like I said, there is some variation depending on my workout schedule but this is pretty typical. It completely alleviated the need for a hair mask. This whole deal doesn’t work well for everyone’s lifestyle and that is ok.  This method has been more economical and healthier for my hair than I ever thought it would. If you have any questions please comment or message me. 

The next hair adventure: bring out my natural highlights with a lemon + hibiscus rinse! 

 alternative shampoo results.  

If you are interested in the Grandma’s shampoo check out her Facebook at Grandma’s Soaps and Stuff. 


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