Miss America Misleading America?

Happy hump day to all! Here is what every Wednesday needs; humor, fact-finding, and an honest comment from Donald Trump thrown in there that you can’t really terribly mad about because you already knew the truth.  At least he didn’t hide it. For the record, I’m not anti pageant, if that is what you want to do with your life then go for it and make the most of it!

This is more about the convoluted steps an organization has gone through to create the numbers they want, knowing the wording is misleading to the majority of viewers.  I am getting a degree in public relations. We study how to craft the best messages for our cause, and I didn’t catch the wording either.  Congratulations Miss America public relations department, way to keep it above-board and transparent with those numbers, you charitable organization you.

Call it what it is people, that is all I am saying. You all weigh the  numbers and the facts and go out and check facts decide for yourself.  I love reading comments and responses so let me know what you think!

Here is the link to the “John Oliver: Miss America Pageant” video, it will open in a new window. If you would like the link to paste into your browser it is at the bottom.

Disclaimer: there is some language, majority of which is edited out. The video is worth watching and hilariously unsettling all at once.


She Doesn’t Even Go Here!

Actually she probably does go here. Though I am not entirely sure how. I was standing in an incredibly long line for food and using the pause in my day to be productive. While standing there wasting away in the longest line ever, waiting for them to get my order wrong, I couldn’t help but observe the communication happening around me. I immediately regretted this decision as it resulted in my brain being very angry and a little sad.
The girls next to me in line were in a deep conversation. Granted it was a creative one considering that some of the words were not actually words. Here is an excerpt for you:

Thing 1: “He is so unsensitive, she already knows.”

Thing 2: “Seriously! It is like he is being a total douche. You know what? I can’t even right now.”

I really didn’t make it much farther than the first exchange right there. Oh really? Can’t you? Did you supposably figure out the pacifics of the sitch over some pasghetti? The truth is escary, my friends.

Sweet grammar Batman. Get it together. The only thing I could think of to respond would be the following memes. Thankfully there is a sitcom quote for every situation.


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.11.22 PM

Sugar Cookies: educational for all

So folks, it has been a while. Let us kick things off with a real must read” article from BuzzFeed News. True to the style of this blog it had to deal with feminism, femnazi, general stupidity, or poor grammar. It is just by fate that the stars lined up and all of these things were handed down. Like a gift. A gift from the universe.

This woman is on a mission to expose a classroom full of second grade children, her’s and other peoples, to the female vagina. What better and more appropriate way to forcibly expose them to the details of the female anatomy than by eating it in effigy. On a sugar cookie. I would list all of the things wrong with that but I really don’t think that is necessary.

Right now I know you are thinking “No way that could possibly get any more inappropriate.” Oh, but it can. After proceeding to belligerently yell the word vagina over and over in the middle of the classroom, she thought she might need to make her feelings a little clearer by sending the poor teacher some electronic hate mail. Hate mail that shows how much of a supporter this woman is of equality and women overall.

You will, of course, have to experience this quick read on your own. Here is my favorite tidbit “You settled for less when you became a teacher because that is known for a woman’s job.” Not that birthing a child and baking aren’t traditionally female roles. Even if what you are baking happens to be vagina sugar cookies.

I will give her credit for creativity. I once made a cell model out of an omelet in 8th grade… but oddly enough never genitalia cookies. Please take a second and read this article. There is no way for me to do it justice. It gave me a good laugh and a little tear of despair.

I don’t need your feminism.

As a citizen of this world I find it important to keep up with social, political, and global news. This does include reading other blogs. I was looking through the “freshly Pressed” section of WordPress and found one of the many articles relating to feminism and gender roles. Those of you who have been with me along the way know where I stand. For those of you who are new here is a brief crash course.

I am a soldier, student, daughter, girlfriend, and most of all I am proud to be a strong and secure woman. I do not support the “feminism” that limits people or points fingers at everyone else for putting women in the position of second class citizens. By downgrading women who choose to be stay at home mothers, wives, express femininity proudly, we are telling the world that we are second rate. They don’t have to make that decision, we made it for them. People that express derogatory opinions under the guise of feminism imply that it is ok to put THOSE people in a lower class. We women as a demographic are our own worst enemy in the respect that we have perpetuated a specific culture through media and stereotypes. Stereotypes that put the pretty, dumb girl on a pedestal. That is why when you walk through the young girls section of any store you will see graphic T-shirts that say things like “my favorite subject is boys,” “I so can’t even,” “work out to twerk out” yes that last one was at a JCPenny’s. The fashion industry produces these garments because people buy them. Let that sink in for a second. People. Buy. Them.

Bottom line is, it is not ok to bash other women for being comfortable in their own bodies. I wear dresses, high heels, and makeup because I want to. I am proud of the body I am in and I strive to carry myself and portray myself as confident and comfortable in my skin. No one is going to change that by telling me that I am antifeminist or less successful because of the way I dress. I fully believe that I am more successful, not because I wear “girly clothes” but because I am comfortable with who I am.

I am tired of Femnazi articles that put down women like me. Women who express themselves by being proud to be feminine. You are not feminists. You are THE cause for a “second class citizen” mentality. If you want everyone else to take you seriously as a woman, business person, human being, then for the love of all that is good in this world STOP. STOP defending women in a way that perpetuates such twisted perception.

Ok so that wasn’t so brief. Just remember, those votes for women were gained by a lot of brave women in dresses and stockings. Many of them went home to their husbands and children at night.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

First Day of School! First Day of School!

In the words of Nemo (finding, not captain) FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! So after starting my day waking up before my alarm and drawing and inspirational Nemo note for my roommate, things had some highs and lows.

I realized that the first class of the day has 4, yes 4 textbooks just on its own. When she said “I know they are pricey. I can’t believe how much you all have to spend on text books! Especially when mine only cost $90 a semester.” she lost some of my respect. Considering she is the one who picks the books.

The class after that was great. I’ve known the professor since she woke my up in the Holden Center at 0130 after falling asleep on my laptop during an all-nighter.

Then lunch break and watched “Lake Placid” before my final class. By the way, how on earth is it ethical for professors to require textbooks that they wrote? Not only that, the only option to purchase this book is new and at full price. $124.00 if you were wondering. In my opinion it is terribly wrong and an abuse of power. I don’t force my students to read this blog. Granted I am not sure what benefit it would have as far as class content but that is not the point.

After a long day of adjustment to being a junior, I think I am going to find the challenges I was looking for and I am ready to go.

Live to Chirp Another Year

It is that time folks, time for another year at good ol’ BSU. Junior year is here and I am ready for classes and challenges that lay ahead. So far the challenge I am most excited about is teaching and building the curriculum for the online public speaking course here. 4 sections of college level 8-week courses. 2 sections of 16-week courses for high school students. Online public speaking is an odd concept for even me but hey, I said I was ready for challenges right?

For all of the new BSU students… WELCOME! This school has taught me so much and given me so many memories I can’t wait to share this year with you all. Any questions or comments please post them in the comments below.

Here comes another year of thought sharing. Chirp Chirp!

Like a Girl

In a late night/ early morning Facebook scan I scrolled across this ad.  The brand Always (popular brand of feminine products) is starting a campaign focused on “like a girl.” I encourage you to click here to watch the short video in a new window.

I am guilty of using the phrase like a girl, especially to my younger brother when we were kids. The same way that my dad said to me when I stubbed my toe, my papa said when he was teaching my to pitch. They didn’t say it to be mean, or hateful. It was a joke telling me to be tough. The effect of using this negative connotation didn’t even cross my mind until a late night China Wok binge brought about deep conversations about life and society. My friend Lena mentioned she makes it a conscious decision not to say like a girl to her son.

This is my little brother. Six years younger. 5 Inches taller.

This is my little brother. Six years younger. 5 Inches taller.

The ad has a very real message. For those who think the phrase is harmless, look at how confident those little girls are. They have no reason to think that being a girl or doing things like a girl is lesser. We give that idea to kids. Even as strong women, when we say “quit acting like a girl”  we perpetuate the underlying theme that we are second-rate.  How is that fair to the daughters of this generation? We want them to be strong but tell them they aren’t quite as good.

Don’t stop saying like a girl. Say it like it really is.  I walk, talk, think, and shoot like a girl. For those of you who tweet, you can even tweet #likeagirl. Trend something that matters.