Coffee Monster is my Spirit Animal

Great news everyone! I found my spirit animal. Don’t judge. If people can pick unicorns I can pick him.

.spirit animal

It never says in the movie (Monsters University) but I am pretty certain this guy is a PR major. Look in his giant eyes and see the mix of terror and espresso. I promise that at least one of those is a vanilla soy latte (also known as the life force). And back in his room he has a pint of Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz stored in his roommates freezer.

That poor little monster is realizing that someday he will have to go out into the world and show what he learned in these four years and that someone at some point is not going to like it. Not only will they not like it, they might even hate it. Poor little coffee monster is headed to the library to pour over books and articles that he is constantly reminded are out of date by the time they are published because the big wide world is spinning way to fast for any coffee to help him.

Eventually coffee monster will realize that everything will be ok one way or another everything works out like it is meant to as long as he works his tail off and keeps putting his work out there into the world. They can’t all be misses right?


A Traumatic Event That Actually Involved Coffee

College is a time when you learn figure out your future, make lifelong friends that are more like family, and really figure out who you are. Today reaffirmed something I have known about myself since high school.  I am a magnet for awkward situations, most of which are brought about by my klutziness and lack of filter. Today was a klutziness kind of day.

After a long night of studying… or babysitting and watching Brave while playing “Dots” (it is in the app store. Check it out if you want your brain to go numb..but in a good way) I was NOT prepared for an 8 a.m. Not even close. I was especially not in the mood to deal with my sexist-old-bastard of a professor. That part is another rant for another day.

I woke up to the air raid siren that is my alarm, stumbled around in the dark to find a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, stuffed my laptop in to my backpack, and walked to my class armed with a grande black Verona Dark Roast.  I settled myself into my second row seat off to the left of the windowless 1970’s lecture hall. I pulled that micro desktop that doesn’t even fit a notebook, over my lap and pulled out my computer. (By the way I have a bone to pick with whatever genius decided that crap was a good idea). It is important to know that I have a bad habit of putting my coffee cup on the little ledges net to the mousepad on my MacBook.  As the sexist-old-bastard started lecturing about the same thing that we just read about pretty much word for word, my late night of “Dots” and two day old pizza hit me hard. A wrecking ball of exhaustion fueled by habitual sleep deprivation hit me with a force that my wall of Verona Dark Roast could not withstand. Then I fell asleep for a literal 2 seconds. In that literal 2 seconds my hand brushed my coffee cup, just enough to knock it off it’s precarious perch. That paper cup hit the floor and against all logic sounded like a brick. Verona Dark Roast when EVERYWHERE like a tiny atomic caffeine bomb.

Moral of the story: There isn’t really one. I just wanted to write an overdramatic, caffeine fueled description to make this even seem like a bigger deal than it actually was. However, this does not mean that it was not rather embarrassing.

Side note: Quick thank you to the girl next to me who was very nice about the fact that she got splattered by the slow-mo tsunami emanating from the blast zone.

Brewing up a Storm

The coffeeholic is branching out to other beverages.  I have developed a recent obsession with looseleaf teas. I don’t know if it is the part of me that secretly wishes I lived in a Jane Austen novel or the part of me that just loves delicious beverages in general. My lovely boyfriend, the wonderful Casey, got me the Teatanic infuser I begged for.  I think that we can all agree the proper tools key to any successful venture. 

Though I am newly versed in the world of tea I have my lovely friend Lena, the writer of Collegiate Motherhood (click here for her awesomeness), as my guide. So between her, the internet, and a few calls to the ever knowledgable grandma I should be able to navigate the world of fruit and leaves. 

Though I will forever be a coffeeholic. Otherwise I would have to change my blog name, let all 4 people know I changed my blog name and all that is just way too much work.